Berliet GLR 8 (1956)

Berliet GLR 8 (1956)  IMGP0784_web1Calberson

1:43 Altaya (Camions d`autrefois)

The first GLR out Venissieux factories in January 1950. They are given for total weight (GVW) of 13,500 kg. The PTC will evolve over the years and GLR ended his career in 1980 at most of the regulations or 19000 kg. Note that it is exceptional that an industrial product is associated with a long period.
01Berliet F_web
The GLR took into account a number of important technical advances that would immediately make a remarkable material: 5-cylinder engine that will soon become the “gold standard” functional cabin semi-forward position, giving a perfect distribution of loads, bridge 2 speed for the tractor version very easy maintenance and repairs to the plans and, of course, a constant quality of manufacture of the brand since its inception.
The GLR will be an outstanding success with a total of over 100,000 units built, not including CKD (collections for factories abroad).

Engine: Diesel 7,9l / 5 cyl./ max.power: 120hp./ 2000 rpm / transmision: 5 manual / Max. speed: 70km/h. / Weight 5500kg. / Load weight:7000kg.

A jury of 32 professionals, gathered in 1994 by the magazine Rovers on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday, was to elect the GLR “Century Truck”.


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