The greatest truck of all time

Scania 3-series is “the greatest truck of all time”

16 July 2015

The Scania 3-series is the greatest truck of all time according to British magazine Commercial Motor.

Scania R143 4x2 Streamline 500 hp with box semi-trailer. Södertälje, Sweden Photo: Ingemar Eriksson 1990

The magazine published a list of the 100 greatest trucks of all time in its 7 May 2015 issue and said of its top pick:
“Scania’s legendary 3-series takes our top spot. Introduced in the autumn of 1987, the 3-series built on the already enviable reputation of the 2-series and scooped the IToY award in 1989. Still highly regarded today, the top model was the 143M Streamline with 500hp. Trucks don’t get better than this.”


The magazine’s 100 greatest truck list did not include trucks built in the past 10 years as “they haven’t had time to prove their greatness or iconic status yet.”

Scania LBS111 in Tanzania. Photo: Scania archive 1978

Three more Scania trucks also made the list. The 1-series was placed 4th, the R-series came 11th and the Scania-Vabis LB 76, developed as a result of maximum length legislation, was placed 26th.

The top 10 greatest truck of all time

1. Scania 3-series
2. Volvo F88
3. AEC Mandator
4. Scania 1-series
5. Volvo FH
7. Leyland Roadtrain
8. Mercedes-Benz Actros
9. Bedford TK
10. ERF EC
(11. Scania R-series)
(26. Scania-Vabis LB 76)

Source: Commercial Motor, 7 May 2015


Torsional strength test, Scania R 580 8x4*4 tipper in Sodertalje Sweden. Photo Dan Boman 2004

Scania-Vabis LB76 Södertälje, Sweden Photo: Scania Archive 1963


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