Pegaso Mofletes Z701 (1958)

Pegaso Mofletes Z701




1:43 Altaya IXO

Chubs Pegasus is a truck model made from 1946 with petrol engines and from 1949 with diesel engine, by the Spanish company Pegaso, and based on a previous model, the legendary car Hispano-Suiza 66G. While the official name given to the model began as Pegasus I, the distinctive design of the cab earned him the nickname “Chubs” nickname by which even today remains known. They were manufactured a total of 2139 units between all its variants, and a prototype of electric traction Z 601. After 2,139 units and 13 years in the market, “Chubs” was discontinued and was replaced by the ‘Barajas’, the first fully manufactured by Enasa Pegaso from january 1959. 1955pubup2

With its grille it is easy to determine if the model is powered by a gasoline or diesel engine. In the case of gasoline engines, the grid will be 9 horizontal bars; while the diesel engine to equip, have a barbecue with 13 bars.

Curiously, these trucks outfitting the steering wheel on the right side of the cabin, to make it easier for the driver to control the side of the road and avoid overtaking due to poor visibility.
The Pegaso Z-701 is a modification of Chubs “standard”, redesigned for use as a tractor, so lacked any case for transport, produced from1954 to 1959 and called Chubs Series IV

Pegaso Z-203-E (Pegaso Diesel) • Oil Gas 140 hp – 14.8 Tm WFP
Pegaso Z-701-E (Tractor) • Oil Gas 140 hp – 26 Tm WFP

Diesel Pegaso Z-701 engine was an inline 6-cylinder, located in front longitudinal position, had a displacement of 9,347 cc that allowed it to develop 140 hp at 1,850 rpm and reach 72 km / h. The drive was back and manual gearbox unsynchronized 8 + 2 relations.


The presented model is manufactured by IXO for the publishing house Altayain the 1/43scale and corresponds to the first delivery collectible Altaya tractors with trailers. The model represents the state-owned tanker trailer Campsa used in airports for refueling aircraft. For the details of the cabin presumably is the 3B Series of the Z-701 “Mofletes”. It is a well resolved, with good mold and painted quite correct lifelike model. The most significant failures are the pivots of the lights, the size of the wheels, the mismatch between the enrollment of the tractor and semi-trailer, the yellow square of the top of the cab should not be represented, and the yellow triangle on a blue background that instead of being in a square must should be centered and in a circle.


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