GAZ 93B (1956)

GAZ 93B (1956)

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According to some reports, dump based on GAZ-51 was created by joint efforts of engineers and GAZ and Ural-ZIS. Now it is difficult to accurately estimate the contribution of each company to work together, but miaaskoe company has at least given the task of creating a tipper. Whatever it was, the fruits of this labor are both used the plant – GAZ received truck GAZ-93, and Ural-ZIS- a few years later was arranged production truck Ural-ZIS–351, hydraulic equipment and body which were identical to those of the GAZ-93.
Initially edition truck GAZ-93, along with UlZIS-253, was supposed to learn at the Novosibirsk automobile plant – in 1946 began the first of five equipment factory floor, which in 1947 had already been prepared for the assembly of trucks. However, due to the reprofiling Naz, in the same 1947 an order was signed by the Minister of car and tractor industry to organize the production of dump trucks at the Odessa car assembly plant, which by this time mastered the SKD is supplied under Lend-Lease Studebaker, Chevrolet and Dodge. Issue volume dump envisaged at 10,000 (according to other sources – 20,000) per year. The start of production scheduled for the II quarter of 1948 and until the end of the same year it was planned to release 3,000 copies of the truck. Because of puffs when fitting the first dump trucks left the gates of the assembly shop in December 1948. The first time the assembly was carried out in temporary premises – Construction of the main building was completed in December 1951.
Despite the fact that OdAZ was entrusted not only to build trucks but also manufacturing its own loading platform and lifting equipment, the first time, yet some units acted in cooperation with MAZ (pumps for tipping mechanism) seemed (PTO) and later GAZ and ZIS produced about fifty stamps for stamping production. OdAZ and MAZ transferred all equipment and tools for the manufacture of parts of the oil pump. Already in 1950 the release of trucks reached the level of 60 vehicles per day, and in the I quarter of 1952 the plant reached a capacity of 20 thousand trucks a year.

cbd888860feeb3769cba507edbeb2ee2_webGAZ-93 had a classic of its time (the 50s of last century) hydraulic system: the pump has been aggregated with a hydraulic cylinder and is driven by a power take-off via the propeller shaft. The maximum hydraulic pressure was 15 kgf / cm2. Hoisting carried out from the cockpit. Tipper superstructure mounted on the chassis of GAZ-51 with a short 320 mm frame. Load dump truck is 2.25 tons. A metal box-shaped body had a volume of 1.65 cubic meters for unloading hinged tailgate. Lekgovesnyh for transportation of cargoes in the side walls had holes and brackets for rack patched to increase the height of the boards.gaz 93b_a_web
Despite the emergence of GAZ-93D and GAZ-93B, produced in parallel (GAZ-93B – perhaps in parallel!) With GAZ-93, a direct heir of the GAZ-93 can be considered as the GAZ-93A, which was released in 1960 at Saransk factory dump.
Replaced the GAZ-93D in 1956 came truck GAZ-93B, based at the recently started releasing GAZ-51A (for mounting tippers GAZ issued specially adapted GAZ-51D), and received all-metal body volume of 3.2 cubic meters (vs. 1.65 cubic meters from the GAZ-93) and 2.25 tons of lifting capacity. Also got a few easy dump hoist drives – power take-off has been combined with the oil pump and control valve, so that eliminated the need for intermediate driveshaft (perhaps even this scheme appeared on the GAZ-93 later releases). GAZ93_1
Already in 1956 OdAZ produced one hundred thousand truck and in the same year to begin exporting GAZ-93B. 1957 was the year of the maximum production volume of main products – left the assembly line of 21,580 trucks. But quite unexpectedly intervened Chairman of the Economic Council of Mordovia EA Veselovsky – he was born in Odessa and knew all her industry. And since it was necessary to create the industry Mordovian ASSR, he offered to carry out the transfer of production to trucks Saransk Mechanical Plant (SMZ). April 17, 1958 was issued Joint Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Council of Ministers â„–422 of discontinuance on ODAZ trucks. Of course, one of the reasons was the inadvisability of the annual transportation twenty thousand chassis with gas at OdAZ at a distance of about 1700 kilometers, and returned back to Russia finished product – where it was logical to organize the production of trucks at the Saransk mechanical plant as Saransk was less than 300 kilometers from Gorky.
In 1958 it began the transfer of production of GAZ-93B with OdAZ on SMZ (Saransk factory dump was formed only in August 1960, based on dumper production SMZ) and, since the fall, and until the end of 1958 at the facilities of SMW were assembled 500 trucks of sent with OdAZ kits. Serial release of the truck GAZ-93B in the SMZ began in February 1959. Total in 1959 was planned to produce 8,000 units of dump trucks and parts of own production and establish a power to produce 20,000 cars a year. In the first quarter of 1959 were collected the first 300 trucks completely homemade, and just in 1959 was made 8,264 dump, which is significantly higher than the annual target.
Recent GAZ-93B on OdAZ were collected in 1959 and in the future, the company is engaged in production of trailers. In Saransk the issue of GAZ-93B with minor changes lasted until 1976 when, due to the removal of production at GAZ GAZ-51A base, he was replaced by SAZ-3503 chassis GAZ-52-04.


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