Scania R480 Tractlux

Scania R 480 (2006)

1:43 Eligor


Driving a Highline, driving comfort.

The Highline is well known in road transport worldwide, because the Scania cab that includes the comfort, reliability and technical prestige are the most used and very well balanced standard in commercial vehicles for road transport in Europe.

The model represent the period of 2004 to 2009 year.

=== Description ===

  • Engine: 480 HP
  • Engine type:      DT 1217
  • Power: 353 kW (480 HP)
  • Emission class: Euro4
    Configuration: 4X2
  • Cabin:   Highline CR19
  • Front axle: Suspension: leaf suspension
    Rear axle: Suspension: air suspension; Differential lock
    Transmission: 12 gears, Manual gearbox
  • Number of gears: 12+2 gears
  • Suspension: Air Leaf
  • Wheelbase: 146 in
  • Drive Side: Left Hand Drive
  • Empty weight: 8.471 kg
  • Colour: White

TRACTLUX is a company wich provide a fleet of industrial vehicles and trained truck drivers, based in Livange Luxembourg.

A letter from the executive office …

« Competitiveness : our key to success ! »

The company’s aim is the competitiveness, that is to say: to keep on guaranteeing an irreproachable service in an increasingly competitive sector. We attach great importance to the drivers’ training and the constant renewal of our fleet in order to be in line, in a very short term, with the last technologies concerning gas emissions.

The biggest international transport companies are looking for our kind of job more and more, because we allow them to focus on their job in letting us manage the technical and social aspects in relation with their activities.

Our advantages, know-how, and a denoted competitiveness enable us to provide our clients with prices allowing them to be more competitive on the market in turn, with a quality service. Our success is largely due to our clients’ success but to the mastery in our activity in all its details too.

The ecology and the environment protection are the top priorities of our activity. 5.73 pounds of CO2 are produced for each litre of diesel used. As responsible haulier, we cannot ignore this aspect. We endeavour to modernise our fleet, to train our drivers in order to adopt a clean driving behaviour. Keep in mind the aim of carrying out more responsible actions and always limiting a little more the impact of our activities on the environment.

Christophe CAMISAN



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