This is my primary collection, called “43 scale models of trucks”, it as began with a some car diecast models started by myself in 2012, when i bought my first model, it all began with an russian UAZ car.
My passion with the diecast models as came a long way back, in 2002, when i purchased for the first time the diecast model of russian car Lada. Recently, I started to follow the racing sport in more detail, and i became a huge fan of 24H Le Mans, but, my goal in this collection is to have all the great trucks and some cars from all over the world, reproduced in the scale 1:43 in diecast form or making by me from modeling kits.

I`m 45 years old bulgarian photograph, driving a truck on European roads.I hope to show all my models, photographed by me with some historical notes for all the people see them and tell me what they think.

My models are all die-cast release or plastic or resin modeling kits, only in the scale of 1:43.

Be welcome to walking around other blogs by me for my truck models in 1:24 & 1:87 scales.

With compliments! MD


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